Fringed Rayon Scarf - Sold out

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A year-round favorite; 100% Rayon Fringed Scarfs!


Huge- measuring about 5’6” long x 27” wide. These scarves are AWESOME! Lush soft rayon- feels substantial and OH so Soft to the hand! They dye WONDERFULLY with Strong Bright magnificent colors. We LOVE these scarves and are SO PROUD to be able to offer them to you!

This scarf is a little bit different than the 'Classic Rayon Scarf'


100% Rayon, White, Top & Bottom is selvage edge, ends are 'loose' fringe. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is 1 single Polyester thread on both ends of the scarf, that runs through the fringes at both ends. 

Dimensions provided are approximate and represent the raw, unshrunk fabric. In our dye testing, washing and drying in a tumble dryer, the fabric shrank roughly 5 inches in length, and remained unchanged in width.