Imperfect Square 36” x 36 ??" Rayon Tapestry Blanks

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Imperfect Square 36” x ?" Rayon Tapestry Blanks


Imperfect Squares!! What are they? When unfurled, they look passable to the naked eye from a few feet away, but when you compare sides close up? They are Square-ISH. 

These are Rayon tapestry blanks that should measure 36” by 36” square... but they don't.


They are not square. What you’ll get is a tapestry that measures roughly 36 inches on one side. 36ish inches on the other sides, and somewhere around 2  or 3 inches short of that on the other!

The rayon is wonderful and dyes fantastically. The edges are folded and sewn with cotton threads.

It’s just not square.


100% Rayon, Hemmed with Cotton Threads, Squarish Tapestry Blank - 36"x?"


Dimensions provided are approximate and represent the raw, unshrunk fabric.