Rayon Square Tapestry Blank - 4'2"x4'2" (50"x50")

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100% Rayon, Hemmed with Cotton Threads, Square Tapestry Blank - 50"x50"

(4’2”x4’2” Square.)

Made To Be Dyed! A part of our new exclusive Made To Be Dyed Dancing Robin line. 100% Rayon takes dye exceptionally Brightly and Beautifully. 

These Rayon Squares are simple Rayon Rectangles with folded and cotton sewn edges on all 4 sides. This is a Made To Be Dyed blank, with all stitching taking the dye.

Designed by us and made exclusively for us in India.


In our dye testing, washing and drying in a tumble dryer, the fabric did not tend to shrink, but rather relaxed a bit and expanded somewhat.