Rayon XL Sarong - 44”x86”

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100% Rayon, Hemmed with Cotton Threads - XL Sarong 44” x 86”

(3’8” x 7’2”)


This XL Sarong would make a fantastic Tapestry Blank and we are listing this same item in our Tapestry category as well.

Made To Be Dyed! A part of our new exclusive Made To Be Dyed Dancing Robin line. 100% White Rayon takes dye exceptionally Brightly and Beautifully. We chose a slightly heavier rayon than a normal sarong material especially to showcase dye colors and designs. These are not heavy in a bad way, but the perfect balance of substantial fabric that screams “Quality!” when handled. Light enough for summer wear but substantial enough to be sold as an outerwear garment and not simply a flimsy swimsuit coverup.

Our Sarongs are simple Rayon Rectangles with folded and cotton sewn edges on all 4 sides. This is a Made To Be Dyed blank, with all stitching taking the dye.

Designed by us and made exclusively for us in India.

In our dye testing, washing and drying in a tumble dryer, the fabric did not tend to shrink, but rather relaxed a bit and expanded somewhat in the length and stayed about the same size in the width.