Seashell Blue #555

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Seashell Blue #555

The Color Swatch Sample is the color mixed deep (6 tsp/ cup) and light (1/2 tsp per cup).

Seashell Blue tends to bleed a slight lighter blue on the edge 

Flaws with this color: This color is sensitive to cold and does NOT work well in Ice Dyeing or cooler temperatures below room temp. Also this color tends to stain a lot in wash off making it hard to keep white areas white.

Note from Steve: 

When you mix up and use this dye, it will appear super strong and bright and pretty amazing on the fabric. When you wash out the loose dye and it dries, it dries to this more subdued look. So don't be surprised when you're using the dye. I think the photo showing the color shows up a little brighter and stronger on the webpage than the color really is. In real life it's a bit "dustier" looking.