Shop Soiled Cotton Tapestry Blank -72"x72" - Grade A

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Grade A Shop Soils are just dirty or don't have anything major wrong. Most soils can be washed out before dyeing or won't be noticeable once dyed. 

 Grade A Shop Soil flaws could include but are not limited to:

 dirt, stain, any other imperfection that can be dyed over or washed out 




100% Cotton, Hemmed with Cotton Threads, Square Tapestry Blank - 72"x72"


Made To Be Dyed! A part of our exclusive Made To Be Dyed Dancing Robin line. These tapestries have a perfect weight of 200 thread count for a great dyeing surface. Not too heavy for good dye penetration, but not light and wimpy. 200 Thread count is a nice weight that gives you great control of where your dye is spreading on the fabric. 

Our Cotton Tapestries are simple cotton squares with cotton sewn edges. This is a Made To Be Dyed blank, with all stitching taking the dye.

Designed by us and made exclusively for us in India.