Shop Soiled/Imperfect Rectangle Rayon Sarong - 44”x86???”

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Imperfect Rectangles 44” x 86?" Rayon Tapestry Blanks

Imperfect Rectangles!! What are they? When unfurled, they look passable to the naked eye from a few feet away, but when you compare sides close up? They are Rectangle-ISH. 

 These are Rayon tapestry blanks that should measure 44” by 86”... but they don't.


 They are not rectangle. What you’ll get is a tapestry that measures roughly 44 inches on one side. 86ish inches on the other sides, and anywhere from 2 inches to around 8 or 9 inches short of that on the other!

 The rayon is wonderful and dyes fantastically. The edges are folded and sewn with cotton threads.

 It’s just not perfectly rectangle.


100% Rayon, Hemmed with Cotton Threads, Squarish Tapestry Blank - 44"x 86?"

Dimensions provided are approximate and represent the raw, unshrunk fabric.

 100% Rayon, Hemmed with Cotton Threads - Standard Sarong 44” x 86”

(3’8” x 7’2”)


Sarongs are simple rectangles, intended to be worn wrapped around the body and tucked in around the waist or armpit. What makes our Rayon Sarongs stand out is the attention to durability and dyeability. Our Sarongs are held together with a folded edge, that is sewn on all 4 sides of the fabric. The edges are sewn with cotton threads, so once the fabric is dyed, no polyester threading will be left behind. The 100% White Rayon fabric takes dye wonderfully brightly and beautifully.


Dimensions provided are approximate and represent the raw, unshrunk fabric. In our dye testing, washing and drying in a tumble dryer, the Rayon Fabric shrank roughly 2 inch in width, and 8 inches in length.