Tie Dye kit in a Bag

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Maximum Purchase:
2 units

Choose your own colors!

Professional Quality Beginning Tie-Dye Kit! 


Kit includes:

4- 1 oz. Jars Reactive dye powder. Colors are:
Fuchsia #8
Lemon Yellow  #38
Turquoise #51A
True Purple #72

(You can choose your own combination of 4 colors if you would like - just leave us a note in the comments section on your order!)

1- 1 lb. “Dye Fixer” (soda ash)
4- Pipettes
2 oz Rubber Bands 
14”x16” Cotton Shopping bag- to be dyed and reused again and again!
Easy to use instructions.

Kits Created and Packaged in the USA.


This kit is designed as a stand alone kit for beginning tie dyers. We sell other chemicals and items for more advanced dyers that are sold separately, however to get started tie-dyeing without buying other chemicals, you will be successful with this kit.

Have you been disappointed with those “one step” tie dye kits you bought in a retail store?

Our dyes and kits give FAR SUPERIOR results to “one step” dye kits.

High Quality Reactive dyes are the worlds Best Dyes for Cotton, linen, rayon, hemp, or other plant based fabrics.

This kit comes with Easy to Follow Instructions and has enough dye and dye fixer to tie dye a whole bunch of projects! Plus it’s packaged in a Reusable Cotton Shopping bag that we want you to Tie-Dye and use again and again.

Kit comes packaged in the bag- we call it "Tie Dye Kit in a Bag"- The first photo shows what comes in the kit. The tie dyed backdrop is just for the photo and not included.



Q. “Why don’t you have pre-measured squeeze bottles in your kit?

A. We don’t have pre-measured bottles in our kit because we teach you how to mix different colors using different dye concentrations. For example with fuchsia in the kit, you can make a strong red shade, or a nice baby pink, it’s all in how you mix the dye. We give you pipettes (big eye dropper tools) to use to apply the dye to the fabric. These are the tools we use for small scale projects that you will be making with these kits. Pipettes are much easier to use and far more effective at applying dye.

Q. “Why don’t you say how many T-shirts you can make with this kit?”

A. In reality, this kit contains FAR MORE dye and the fixer chemical (soda ash) you need than other kits available at retail stores. In our estimation at bright shades, this kit will make about 16 t-shirts. Other kits we've seen say they have “1/3 pound of soda ash“, and can make “up to 15 projects” Our kit contains a full pound of soda ash - 3x’s more than other kits, but since we are tie dye experts, we KNOW that there is NO WAY you can make 15 t-shirts with their 1/3 lb. of soda ash. Since we tell the truth in our advertising, we cant’ compete with their outrageous claims. Just know, our kits contain MUCH more usable product than other similarly advertised kits. 

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    Posted by Laura E Ochoco on 19th Jul 2020

    We ordered this kit and had the best tie-dye results we have ever had! Amazingly fast shipping, high quality dyes, super bright results. I'm placing another order now!

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    The BEST Tie Dye kit out there

    Posted by Kevin on 15th Jul 2020

    This kit is way, way better than any one step dye kit out there. The dyes are bright and don't fade. The kit ends up being cheaper and much better than name-brand dyes at the craft store. The customer service is also above and beyond. I ordered it and it arrived 3 days later. I highly recommend Grateful Dyes for all your dyeing needs. I just ordered the professional kit and I am super excited to dye everything in sight!!!

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    Awesome kit, great price!

    Posted by Robert Brennan on 10th Jul 2020

    These kits are wayyyyyy better than those one-step kits you find at craft stores. Comes with everything you need and thorough instructions. My shirts turned out awesome! Can make around 16 shirts with one kit, for $14, which is a great value. The colors come out super sharp and don't fade, unlike those one-step dyes. Will be buying lots more stuff from here!

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    Best Tie Dye experience you'll ever have!

    Posted by Rose on 17th Jul 2015

    This is THE place to get all your tie dye materials. Staff was incredibly helpful and accommodating. The kit delivers as promised, the colors are gorgeous, the instructions right on the money, and it was an exceptional experience all the way around, plus the cost was extremely reasonable. My son was tie dying shirts with his band section and no one can believe they made the shirts themselves because they turned out so great. We had purchased a tie dye kit at a craft store and the results were lame. Grateful Dye's results were AWESOME! And the staff person we dealt with was incredibly nice. I did get a couple extra colors which I think is a good idea, I also got the bottles to use instead of the pipettes and was glad I had. We also purchased tshirts from Grateful--what a bargain they are! I will say they shrunk quite a bit but they are 100% cotton so we took that into consideration when ordering them. Thanks for a fantastic experience!

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    Easy to Use

    Posted by Bluejuniper72 on 25th May 2015

    I have always been interested in tie dying and wanted to incorporate tie dying t-shirts into my daughter's 4 year old birthday party. After exhaustive research, I decided to order 3 of these kits (along with 16 oz applicator bottles). The kit's pipettes are really probably sufficient, but I wanted to make it easier for the kids. The instructions that came with the kit are detailed and easy to follow. The party went well and the kids and parents seemed to enjoy it and were impressed. We ended up only using 6 of the 12 colors (I chose other colors for my other two kits), and we have lots of dye left over. I have ordered more clothes, and I'm excited to do it again now that I have a sense of how it is supposed to work. I love having the flexibility over mixing the colors as to how dark or light I want them. The cotton bag is a great extra too. Overall this kit is a great value and a great introduction to tie dying.