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Sodium Alginate Instructions

Sodium Alginate Instructions:


It takes some time for Sodium Alginate to “thicken up” so you need to prepare this mixture at least an hour before you plan to use it to allow time for it to get thick. To use Sodium Alginate to make a thicker dye mixture first make “chemical water” according to our tie dye instructions. Chemical water is 1 quart warm water, ¾ cup Urea, 2 tsp. Ludigol, and 1 tsp water softener (optional.)


To 1 quart “Chemical water” add 2 tsp. Sodium alginate and stir vigorously. Let sit for 15 min and stir again. Stir occasionally over an hours time while thickener sets to thicken the mixture. After an hour if you would like a thicker mixture add more sodium alginate. If your mixture is too thick then thin with water to desired consistency. If you have brown lumps you can try to stir them in further, scoop them out, or just ignore them.


Once you have your chemical water to your desired thickness then add your dye powder to make your thickened dye mixture.