How much dye do I need?

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How much dye do I need?


For Tie Dye estimate this much dye:

Take # of shirts to be dyed and divide by 4.

Example: 100 shirts divided by 4 = 25

This is how many oz. of dye you need. (round down to 24 to give an even number)

Then figure out how many colors do you want to get? Take number of oz. of dye you need and divide by how many colors.

Example: You need 24 oz dye total for 100 shirts and want to use 6 colors. 24 divided by 6 = 4 oz of each color.


1 lb fixer = 20 shirts

5 lb fixer = 100 shirts

10 lb fixer = 200 shirts

Get same amount urea as you do fixer.