Take Home Washout Instructions

Take Home Washout Instructions for Tie-Dyes made with Grateful Dyes ®.

Please use common sense when handling dyed shirt! Before you wash out the dye, the Dye will still be "active" and messy. It will stain you, your carpet, your countertop, etc., so handle with care and wear gloves to protect your skin.

Leave shirt tied up. Remove from bag and place directly into sink. Rinse shirt with cold running water, allowing water to flow directly onto shirt and then down the drain. A large amount of loose dye will flow out of the shirt. This is normal. The cold running water will rinse out the dye that didn't fix to the fabric. Leave the shirt tied up and rinse for as long as it takes until the water flowing from the shirt begins to run clear (or until you get totally sick of rinsing). Take shirt to washing machine and untie. Wash separately with warm water and laundry soap as many times as you need to until when you look in the rinse cycle the water runs clear. Once you wash out ALL the loose dye, no more dye will come out of the shirt and you can wash and wear as normal.