Hoodies & Sweatshirts

The Hoodies & Sweatshirts we carry seem to follow T-Shirt sizing (a little small for hoodies) - as many people enjoy baggier outerwear, please check sizing charts before purchase.

We recommend choosing a size that is at least one size larger than you would typically wear for the most comfortable fit. 


Hoodie shipping information: 
Hoodies are light but bulky and are typically shipped using dimensional weight. Dimension based shipping gets very expensive when many bulky things are shipped together. Although it is not reflected in our shipping calculator, 
USPS dimension-based shipping fees can more than double the cost of shipping your package. We prefer to ship bulky things via UPS as the cost is much less.

If your package hits the threshold of pricey USPS dimension fees, and we believe your address is OK for shipping via UPS Ground, we will change your shipping method. If we are unsure, we will contact you before your package is shipped. 

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