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Great prices on slightly (or heavily) flawed or dirty fabric blanks. 
Closeout blanks are blanks that we truly cannot get any more of. They will not be produced again. Typically not shop soiled at all - just oddball blanks!

Shop Soiled Blanks: We have very high standards for the quality of blanks we carry and send out. This leads us to mark something with even the slightest scuff or imperfection as "Shop Soiled". A lot of these blanks have the slightest mark or imperfection to them. We categorize shop soiled into 2 different 'Grades':

Grade A: Dirty but doesn't have major fabric defects. Most Grade A Soils can be washed out or dyed over without significantly affecting the dyed outcome.

Grade C: Fabric is imperfect. Small holes, runs or rough patches are present in the fabric.

Tapestries that are not totally square and Leggings/Yoga pants with significant leg length differences are listed as 'Imperfect' but unless otherwise noted do not have any sort of shop soil present.



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