This is the Spiral Design. It is the most common Tie Dye design. 

Step #1

Lay the shirt out on a flat surface. 




Step #2 

Grab the fabric in the center with your thumb and index finger. You should have both the front and back layers of fabric together. Carefully begin twisting the fabric in a clockwise direction leaving the fabric basically flat with the twisting folds about 3/4 an inch thick. Alternate twisting fabric in a clockwise direction while grabbing the outer edge of the fabric and pulling it around the middle in a counter clockwise direction until the fabric is a disc shape. 



Step #3

Place thin Rubber bands or Sinew around the fabric across the middle to hold the fabric together and the folds in place. The rubber bands should not bind or squeeze the fabric but simply hold it together so it wont unravel.  



Step #4 

Squirt the dye onto the fabric like pieces of pie. 



Step #5 Fill in all the pieces of "pie" with dye. Then flip over and squirt the same colors in the same spots on the other side of the shirt.