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International Orders

We ship Internationally!

You can order here, or you can reach us at 1-800-697-1566 and we would LOVE to help you!

How to order internationally through the website:

We do take international orders through the website but you have to follow these instructions to do the order. First know that it very expensive now to mail internationally if you order heavy chemicals. The one chemical you MUST have to use these dyes is a very common chemical we call our “dye fixer”. “Dye fixer” is a chemical called soda ash or sodium carbonate. It is commonly used in swimming pools to raise the Ph in the water. You can almost always find this chemical locally in your country at a shop that sells chemicals for swimming pools or hot tubs. You can also check local chemical supply houses as they almost always stock “soda ash” or “sodium carbonate”. We recommend international customers buy “dye fixer” which is sodium carbonate or soda ash locally in their area so as to avoid high shipping costs.

Due to high shipping costs we also recommend that international customers just order dyes and forget about the other aux. chemicals such as urea or synthrapol. You can be very successful using just the dye and soda ash “fixer” and ordering the extra chemicals will not make enough difference in your project to justify the shipping.


Countries we've shipped too include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, South Africa, Russia And more! We can ship to you!