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 These dyes can be refered to by many names- "Fiber Reactive Dyes" "Cool Water Reactive Dyes" "Cold Water Reactive Dyes" "Procion MX" for example. These dyes are ONLY designed to dye plant based materials such as Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Hemp, etc. They also work well on Silk. They are not suitable for dyeing wool or nylon and do not work AT ALL on polyester. Our Dyes require a Soda Ash "Fixer" to set the dye, that you can find on our Auxiliary Chemicals page. 
Color patches on this screen only approximate actual color.
Dual-Color Sample patches show colors mixed at high strength and light strength concentrations (6tsp for strong and 1/2tsp for light).
All of our dyes can achieve deep, vibrant shades, as well as pastel shades, depending on the strength they are mixed at.

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