Hot Jet Black #96

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*New* Hot Jet Black #96 PLEASE READ

This is a new dye that we think some people will love, and some people will think it’s just ok.

This is a hot water reactive type dye.

All of our other colors are cold water reactive dyes, so this is different. In the sample photo and in our tests, we followed the same instructions we provide for Direct Application Tie-Dye. That is, we soak the fabric in soda ash fixer water, then we mix the dye powder in urea water at a strong strength of 6 teaspoons per cup, and a weak strength of ½ teaspoon per cup. Dyeing is done at room temperature.

The strong strength yields a pretty good black. The flaw is that it is blacker around the edges of the color and fades closer to a grey in the middle of large black swatches.

The weak mix yields a very good grey color.

This black appears to be a more homogeneous black powder. Our other cold-water blacks are mixes of reds, yellows, blues, orange to hopefully on your fabric appear black, so this new hot water black is a more uniform pure color.

In theory, the warmer/hotter you can use this dye, the better it will work, but we tried heating the dye before applying it and it came out the same as our normal room temperature tie dye use.


This dye is new to us and we can only tell you that we use it in the same way we use all our other colors. If you experiment with different uses and find a more successful application, please let us know so we can share the knowledge with everyone.