Plum Blossom #67

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Plum Blossom #67

The main color swatch sample was tie dyed with the color mixed deep (6tsp) and light (1/2 tsp).

The alternative color swatch representing this color was solid color dyed at a dark (4-6 teaspoons dye powder) shade.

This color tends to absorb moisture from the air and can get lumpy, Keep cap tightly sealed on the jar and shake jar violently to break up lumps for use.

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    true to color

    Posted by Shane Kahrs on 26th Sep 2018

    I loved the plum blossom! I used it in a few mandalas along with turquoise and the mandala was almost hypnotic. So far I've only mixed it heavy and also used for ice dye and it's very brilliant and very bright. I was really impressed how much it pops with ice dying. I would highly recommend having plum blossom in your dye arsenal, especially for things like mandala petals or other pattern type dying