Marine Blue #70

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Marine Blue #70. 

 Sample is the color mixed deep (6tsp) and light (1/2 tsp).

Note: Marine Blue 70 is a pretty crazy color when you use it.

When you mix it up and say put a drop of dye on a paper towel to look at it, it's blue. When you squirt it onto the shirt and it reacts with the Soda Ash Fixer, then it looks totally purple.

If you mix it light and squirt it on a shirt, it looks red. When it's sitting on the shirt and not yet washed off, it's purple. 

But when you wash off the loose dye and let it dry, it's the most wonderful blue color and really pops on the fabric. It's really a good color, don't be fooled by the red when you are putting it on the fabric.