Tie-Dye Cup

!! The 2021 Colorado Tie Dye Cup is moving to November !! 

We have some big changes to announce for the 2021 Tie Dye Cup. Our initial plan is this:

Stage 1: In the past, we've required all entries be physically mailed to us in order to enter. This year, we begin by allowing all initial entries to be sent in via e-mail (entry e-mail address coming soon)

We will allow entries to be submitted until September. At that point, we will begin the first round of 'Judges Choice' and 'People's Choice' voting, to narrow the field down to a number of finalists that will move to the next stage.


Stage 2: We will require (and pay for) shipping of each finalist entry to Colorado. This is required for verification that all pieces are real and hand dyed using Fiber Reactive Dyes, and will allow our Judges to see the pieces in person for Judges Choice voting.

Stage 2 will end with all finalist entries entering into a 'People's Choice' public poll, and 'Judges Choice' judge voting to determine the winners this year.


More information and complete rules coming soon.