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2017 Rules

IMPORTANT NOTE: As the deadline to send your entries approaches, we ask that you ship your entries in the most economical way possible, (USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground, FedEx Ground). There is no need to pay extra for expedited shipping. If you have concerns about your entry making it on time, please call us at 1-800-697-1566. 

Colorado 420 Tie Dye Cup Rules:

Overview: The Colorado 420 Tie Dye Cup is a competition intended to recognize and award prizes to Tie Dye Artists.

The competition is run by Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp.

How to Enter: Send your Original Tie-Dyed work to:

Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp.
5682 S Cedar St.
Littleton, CO 80120

You pay for mailing/shipping your entry to us. There are no entry fees. You retain ownership of your entries, we will mail/ship them back to you at our expense once the contest is over.

You can submit one item per category. There will be 2 categories: (1)Wearable Art and  (2) Hangable Art, defined later in these rules.

With your entry, we require you to include a letter with your name, return address, e-mail address and phone number. We would also like, but do not require, you to include a website or other public contact information, a short biography of you as a tie-dye artist or a description of your entry. If your item is displayed to the public, we will include this information with your piece so that the public can contact you if they’d like to make a purchase of your tie dye art. (please let us know if you would rather remain anonymous)



1. Competition is open to original tie dye artists producing original works of tie dye on fabric. Tie Dye works must have been produced by the entrant.

2. Fabric must be of cotton, linen, rayon, or other cellulose based fibers, or silk.

3. Dyes used must be reactive type dyes.

4. Entrants do not have to be customers of Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp. Employees or direct relatives of employees of Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp. are not eligible.

5. Entries accepted starting January 1st, 2017, and closing April 4th, 2017. Late entries will be accepted, but may not qualify for Best In Show or People's Choice awards.

6. There are 2 main categories of competition. 1. Wearable Art. 2. Hangable Art.

Wearable art: any clothing that is tie-dyed - tops of any kind (t-shirts, hoodies etc.), dresses, hats, leggings, socks, so long as it‘s tie-dyed.

Hangable art: tapestries or any other type of tie dyed cloth that does not fall under the wearable category.

7. Many prizes will be awarded in the main categories and one winner overall may win a “best of show” category.

Winners will win various prizes including $100 shop credit at grateful-dyes.com for category awards, and up to $400 shop credit at grateful-dyes.com for the “Best in Show” Colorado 420 Tie Dye Cup winner. Each winner will also receive an award stating the category won, and be allowed to use the Colorado 420 Tie Dye Cup Award Winner in their tie dye marketing. Awards will be determined by Judges appointed by Colorado Wholesale Dye, Corp. and also by Public voting for different categories. For example under Wearable Art, there will be a “judged winner” and a “peoples choice” winner, depending upon the amount and quality of the entry’s.

8. Winners will be declared on April 20, 2017. Winners will be notified by email and winning tie dyes and all entries will be displayed on our Colorado Wholesale Dye Facebook page.

9. Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp reserves the right to award prizes depending upon quantity and quality of entry’s. Prizes include, but are not limited to;
Judged Wearable Art 1st place
Peoples Choice Wearable art 1st place
Judged Hangable Art 1st Place
Peoples Choice Hangable Art 1st Place
This being the third year of hopefully a long continued tradition of this contest, we will hold a high standard for the “Best Of Show” award for now and future contests. We reserve the right to not award a “Best of Show” if we feel we have not received an entry that qualifies - we really want to award this prize so PLEASE send us some Fantastic Entries!

10. Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp. reserves the right to use images of all entries in any way it deems appropriate in perpetuity without limitation or compensation to the entrant.

11. Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp. reserves the right to modify and change rules as it deems appropriate to the spirit of the contest.

12. Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp. will not be liable for lost, misdirected, damaged, destroyed, or stolen entry’s whether loss occurs before, during, or after the contest.