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2017 Tie-Dye Cup

Announcing the 3rd annual Colorado 420 Tie Dye Cup! Find details here.







Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2nd Annual

2016 Colorado 420 Tie-Dye Cup



Thank you to everyone who voted and entered the 2016 Colorado 420 Tie Dye Cup!!


The Winners are....


Overall Best in Show: Jolene Wellard for her Tapestry




Judges Choice Wearable:


1st place: Eric Abbuhl


2nd place: Brenna Wann


3rd place: Holly Richardson




Judges Choice Hangable:


1st place: John VandenBrook


2nd place: Eric Abbuhl


3rd place: Bobby Wellard




Peoples Choice Wearable:


1st place: Jolene Wellard


2nd place: Bobby Wellard


3rd place: Holly Richardson




Peoples Choice Hangable:


1st place: Jolene Wellard


2nd place: Bobby Wellard


3rd place: John VandenBrook




Honorable mention to Barbara Funk for her unique lettering style.
 From all of us at Colorado Wholesale Dye, we would like to thank everyone who entered in our second annual Colorado 420 Tie Dye Cup. With all of the fantastic entries this year, our judges had a very hard time reaching a top 3 consensus. It's always a joy to see our dyes used to create these works of art. 
We're happy to announce the continuation of our contest. In 2017, we'll be hosting the 3rd Annual Colorado 420 Tie-Dye Cup!