Shipping during COVID-19

UPS and USPS (Priority Mail) Service During COVID-19 (Updated 10/1/20)

In this time of crisis, there is no perfect shipping service. UPS and the Postal Service are both having problems with shipping delivery times. In our experience, we have had more problems with USPS than we do with UPS. From our experience, UPS is far more reliable with delivery time estimates right now. All shipping services are experiencing problems. Both UPS and USPS have suspended their delivery date guarantee.

On every order we make quick decisions about what we think is best for the customer. Our goal is to choose the lowest shipping charge that will get to you the quickest. For example, if you have a large, heavy order and choose Priority Mail thinking that it is a “faster” option, we MAY change your shipping to UPS ground if you are an estimated 3 day ship away via UPS ground. We then charge you the cheaper shipping rate which can save you 20? 30? Dollars. In our minds, from our vast experience, this is the best, most reliable shipping option for you. The worst complaint we can get is that we changed your shipping preference for the reasons above, and then the shipping service delayed your order

Our solution is that on all orders we will continue to make our best decision to save you money and get you the best service. If you have a strong desire to use ONLY Priority Mail, or ONLY UPS, please put a comment in the comments section of your order and we will happily follow your wishes. We are always available via phone to go over shipping with you. Otherwise we will do what we think is the right thing for your order. 

The good news is the vast majority of our orders are getting delivered fast and on time. The bad news is that in this time of crisis, sometimes orders are delayed in the shipping system and the best thing you can do to avoid disappointment and anger, is to order early and leave room in your expectations for some delays.