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Advanced Tie Dye Kit in a bag

Maximum Purchase:
3 unit(s)

Product Description

**IMPORTANT: If you have a project larger then 80 T-shirts do not order 3+ kits in a bag. Please contact us at 1-800-697-1566 and we will assist you in getting the perfect amount of supplies for your project**

Note on Shipping Costs: Our website will estimate your shipping cost on this kit at a weight of 6 pounds, as this is what it would weigh for shipping. This often reflects a shipping quote that is much to high. If you order this kit and nothing else on our site, your shipping cost to the USA will be between $7.10 and $10.47 depending upon how far you are from Colorado. When we ship orders, we always look for the best and cheapest way to ship your order, no matter what our shopping cart shows you. In the case of this Advanced kit in a bag, we can fit this in a USPS Priority mail "regional rate A box" and your shipping would be charged between $7.10-$10.47. 

When you place an order, we package your order before we capture the funds from your credit card. When shipping is cheaper than quoted we actually go into your order and lower the shipping cost and only then do we collect the money from your account.

A recent example: Someone ordered this kit online and the shipping cost was quoted at $21.05 which is the actual real cost to mail a 6 pound box from Colorado to Florida where they lived. Their shopping cart quoted the order as Kit $34.00 + $21.05 shipping = $55.05 total. When we got that order we went into their shipping section and edited the cost down to $10.29, which was the actual shipping cost for us in a Priority Mail Regional Rate A box. So we captured thier payment at $44.29 which was Kit $34.00 + $10.29 actual shipping = $44.29. Please call if you have any questions 303-763-9730.


Kit includes:

  • 13"x13.5"x8" Cotton Gusseted Shopping bag- to be dyed and reused again and again!
  • 5- 2 oz. Jars Reactive dye powder. Colors are:


Fuchsia #8

Bright Orange #22

Lemon Yellow #38

Turquoise #51

Concord Grape #62
(You can choose your own combination of 5 colors if you would like - just leave us a note in the comments section!)


  • 2- 1 lb. “Dye Fixer” (soda ash powder)
  • 2- 1 lb. Urea
  • 10- Pipettes
  • Easy to use instructions.

Kits Created and Packaged in the USA.

Professional Quality Advanced Tie-Dye Kit!

Have you been disappointed with those “one step” tie dye kits you bought in a retail store?

Our dyes and kits give FAR SUPERIOR results to “one step” dye kits.

High Quality Reactive dyes are the worlds Best Dyes for Cotton, linen, rayon, hemp, or other plant based fabrics.

This kit comes with Easy to Follow Instructions and has enough dye and dye fixer to tie dye a whole bunch of projects! Plus it’s packaged in a Reusable Cotton Shopping bag that we want you to Tie-Dye and use again and again.

Kit comes packaged in the bag- we call it "Advanced Tie Dye Kit in a Bag"- The first photo shows what comes in the kit. The tie dyed backdrop is just for the photo and not included.



Q. “Why don’t you have pre-measured squeeze bottles in your kit?

A. We don’t have pre-measured bottles in our kit because we teach you how to mix different colors using different dye concentrations. For example with fuchsia in the kit, you can make a strong red shade, or a nice baby pink, it’s all in how you mix the dye. We give you pipettes (big eye dropper tools) to use to apply the dye to the fabric. These are the tools we use for small scale projects that you will be making with these kits. Pipettes are much easier to use and far more effective at applying dye.

Q. “Why don’t you say how many T-shirts you can make with this kit?”

A. In reality, this kit contains FAR MORE dye and the fixer chemical (soda ash) you need than other kits available at retail stores. In our estimation at bright shades, this kit will make about 40 t-shirts. Other kits we've seen say they have “1/3 pound of soda ash“, and can make “up to 15 projects” Our kit contains 2 full pound of soda ash - 6x’s more than other kits, but since we are tie dye experts, we KNOW that there is NO WAY you can make 15 t-shirts with their 1/3 lb. of soda ash. Since we tell the truth in our advertising, we can't compete with their outrageous claims. Just know, our kits contain MUCH more usable product than other similarly advertised kits. 

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