Adult Zip Up Hoodie - XS

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7.5 oz 80/20 Cotton/Polyester.  These hoodies dye great, as most of the polyester is on the inside.
Metal zipper. Jersey-Lined hood with flat drawstrings.


These hoodies are not the same AAA Fleece Zip-Up Hoodies we have had in the past, but after multiple samples of these Tultex Hoodies, we are sure we've found a great hoodie that we can offer at a great price.

 Please note, these hoodies seem to fit to size or be a little snug, it may be wise to choose a size larger than you normally would wear if you want a more baggy hoodie. 

Metal zippers can take a beating with the soda ash and dye process. You might try to keep the zippers healthy by running a clear or white wax candle over the zipper to protect it during the dye process.