Dancing Robin Cotton Square Tapestry Blank - 50"x50" For Tie Dye, Not Perfect

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100% Cotton, Hemmed with Cotton Threads, Square Tapestry Blank - 50"x50

Made To Be Dyed! A part of our Made To Be Dyed Dancing Robin line. These tapestries have a perfect weight of 200 thread count for a great dyeing surface. Not too heavy for good dye penetration, but not light and wimpy. 200 Thread count is a nice weight that gives you great control of where your dye is spreading on the fabric. 

Our Cotton Tapestries are simple cotton squares with cotton sewn edges. This is a Made To Be Dyed blank, with all stitching taking the dye.

Designed by us and made exclusively for us in India.


Please Note: These blanks are human cut and measured and are not perfectly square. Slight size variations will occur. 50 inch measurement is approximate and will vary. While we love these tapestries, our choice of human manufacturing instead of machine made isn't for everyone. We suggest placing a test order if you have never ordered Dancing Robin blanks.