Why We Are Better

Why We Are Better:

Here are some reasons why you should buy dye from us for your tie-dye, batik, solid color dyeing or hand dyed quilt fabric dye project!

First we are focused. We don't attempt to sell thousands of products. We focus on dye, and dyeable clothing and so we sell better quality dye and at lower prices than anyone else. We are a small enough company to give you the best customer service, but big enough to deliver to you the products that you need. Every customer is important to us. We care about helping you be successful with your dye project. We will talk to you and help you in every way possible figure out all aspects of the project you want to accomplish. Not sure how to proceed? Call Steve at 1-800-697-1566, he's the owner and he would love to help you.

No Salt: While salt is a natural dye ingredient used in the manufacture of many dye colors, we do not add ADDITIONAL salt to our dye products. Why is this important to our customer? Many of our customers are tie-dyers. The way we teach tie-dye the most is through the modern "direct application" method. In the direct application method (see dye instructions) dyers mix very concentrated dye solutions. Meaning we dissolve large amounts of dye in small amounts of water. Additional salt in dye mixtures interferes with the ability of the water to dissolve large amounts of dye. Also we have experienced that additional salt in the fabric, when combined with soap in the wash off phase of the dyeing process, will lift dye back off the fabric. So if you are using dye with added salt, it is wise to rinse the fabric before using soap. With the dyes we sell, we go straight from the dyed state, to a soap bath.

We are a "small" company, so we care about our customers. At Colorado Wholesale Dye, Inc. you are an important name to us. Not a customer with a number. But while we are small enough to care about you, we are also large enough to service your orders. We have thousands of pounds of dyes and chemicals in stock at all times, and can almost always fill your dye or chemical order quickly. The majority of our orders are shipped the same day we receive them. And if you ever have and urgent order, we will give it top priority at no extra cost. If you need next day air shipping or other expedited arrangements, we will be happy to work with you, just tell us your deadlines and we'll bend over backwards to make you successful.