Dancing Robin Rayon Square Tapestry Blank - 36" x 36"

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100% Rayon, Hemmed with Cotton Threads, Square Tapestry Blank - 36"x36"

(3' x 3' Square.)



A Colorado Wholesale Dye Exclusive




Simple Rayon Squares that dye brilliantly! Edges are folded and sewn on all 4 sides of the fabric. The edges are sewn with cotton threads, so once the fabric is dyed, no polyester threading will be left behind. The 100% White Rayon fabric takes dye wonderfully brightly and beautifully.




If you are familiar with our previous Rayon blanks (from 2021), you may or may not notice that this Rayon is slightly coarser.



Dimensions provided are approximate and represent the raw, unshrunk fabric.