10 Lb Dye Fixer

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Our dyes will NOT work without Dye Fixer.

Dye Fixer is a chemical known as Soda Ash or Sodium Carbonate. When used in the dying process as a pre-soak, mix at 3/4 cup Dye Fixer to every 1 gallon of water. It is also necessary in the solid color dying process.

10 Pounds Dye Fixer (4.5 kg) is enough to tie-dye approximately 200 t-shirts.


Note on Efficient Ordering:

Many of our customers order this 5 x 10 pounds at a time which equals 50 pounds total.

50 pounds is not a good amount to order for efficient shipping costs. UPS has a huge cost jump for any package over 50 pounds, A 50 pound order then elevates your shipping cost a LOT as we either have to ship your order in 2 boxes.

If you order in lots of 4 bags, or 40 pounds, then your shipping cost will be much lower. Need more than 40 pounds? order 40, or 60 or 80 pounds at a time for best shipping rates. We always charge actual shipping only and if your shipping cost is quoted higher than it costs us, we will lower the shipping cost in your cart before we capture your payment.